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March 23, 2018:  Am absolutely delighted to have finished the triptych, Sua Culpa.  Looking forward to trying something new for a while. 

July 11, 2017:  I am happy to introduce my new work, Priest, the first completed piece of an in-process triptych.  Also tidied and refreshed the website.  Spring cleaning, a little overdue.

October 29 – November 27, 2016:  I am so pleased that my piece, Today I think I might look pretty, will be part of the exhibit me and you at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.  me and you was curated by Megan Press and is one of the exhibits associated with this year’s World of Threads Festival, organized by Dawne Rudman and Gareth Bate.   

August 15 – September 6, 2015:  My exhibition But what’s its value? is now showing at loop Gallery.  So pleased to finally see the work in place.  Rochelle Rubinstein is also exhibiting at loop during the same period, and, running concurrently with our shows, is an installation at Mon Ton Window Gallery, featuring work by each of us. 

October 24, 2014:  More New Work!  Maybe life is getting back to its new normal.

May 5, 2014:  Very pleased to add images of new work!  Please check out New Work under Bodies of Work

January 16, 2014:  Just learned that I will be exhibiting one of my puppets, One, then another, sometimes two, at the Howard Park Institute Window Gallery in July, 2014.  Love window galleries with their instant access to all passersby.

August 7, 2013:   I am very pleased to announce that after having languished on the to-do list for years, the item “Get website!!” has finally been ticked off.  While still a work in progress, the main bits are in place.   The site is officially launched.

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Welcome to my new website.  The blog will become active soon.  Stay posted!